Sugar Pine Wood Works

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Our Work

We have taken it as our mission and our duty (our work), to give trees a second life. We give trees a second opportunity to show the other side of their beauty —their inside! In this second life, trees show what they are made of…they show their grain, their voids and cracks, their wounds…they show their inner beauty and their character!

We use live edge wood slabs from these beautiful trees to build custom dining tables, kitchen island tops, conference tables, and executive desks. We also build coffee tables, side tables, console tables, and kitchen accessories. As a complement to our functional art work, we also offer wall art, combining the natural beauty of live edge wood and the contemporary look of resin.  We work closely with our residential and commercial clients to ensure the best choice of design and materials is made for their projects.



Wood: We strive to work with reliable suppliers that embrace responsible milling, using salvaged wood as much as possible. Our suppliers sell high quality slabs from American trees. The big differentiator is the process they use to cut, dry, and store slabs. Drying times depend on the wood species. Sometimes, the air-drying times can be several months to several years in the log and slab form. Once the slabs are properly air-dried, as recommended for the species, the slabs are kiln-dried (slow kiln drying process) before they are sold to us. 

Steel: Depending on the design/size/weight of the table we are building, sometimes we use steel construction for the legs/base. We use high quality American and Canadian steel.

Resin: We only use EcoPoxy liquid plastic – The Natural Choice. This Canadian epoxy is used by the leading woodworkers, craftsmen, and artisans in this market. It contains non-toxic organic compounds or heavy metals. It has low VOC and low odor. It is extremely durable and it provides excellent color stability.

Finish: We use American made oil/wax wood finishes and stabilizers that are food-safe and that will help keep the natural look and feel of the wood, while providing a durable and spill resistant finish.



 We handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces, one piece at a time.

Our work is centered around designing pieces that allow natural elements such as wood and metals to complement each other. These natural elements combined with engineered materials such as resin, create a seamless synergy of materials that make the final product not only stronger but more beautiful.

We cut, sand, and finish every piece by hand.

Every piece is handmade with pride here in the USA.